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  1. I enjoy your articles and would like to meet and talk to you. Too often we do not get a chance to meet with great Bahamians. Let me know if this is possible please.

  2. valdez campbell says:

    The third city is in the making Andros, we are launching a mammoth of a project in Andros. The Bahamas Government has agreed to give 100,000 acres to Planet Vision Holdings on a lease based on our plans and farm layouts to make the Bahamas fully self sustaining as far as being able to grow and process all its food plus with the surplus we will be trading with other Caribbean counties to supply them with foods, also trade grain on a Global market making the Bahamas the first Nation in this part of the world to do this.The total investment to be injected is 1.5 Billion USD. We have a pre approval on the funding and by the end of this week we will be signing the contract on the final approval on the funding we are just finalizing the insurances for the funding and with in 60-90 days the project will commence. This is estimated to Employ about 10,000 permanent jobs for Bahamians, also we have taken over the 2 Old Robin hood stores and are in the process of purchasing 2 of the local food processing companies (pigeon peas and tomato paste manufacturers) and will begin to employ about 500 people to these establishments training Bahamians in food processing.
    This is the beginning of our 5 year project and at the end of the 3 year we should see revenues of about 2 Billion in sales from our global trade and Caribbean trade as well even though our facility is planned to cover 100,000 acres we are looking to have a run over of 150,000 acres. We are pleased that to know that the Minister of Agriculture is fully endorsing this project and has given his full support, to making this happen. The employment opportunity is great our objective is to bring down the cost of food and that will help to bring down the cost of living and to bring in foreign revenues on a much greater volume ensuring a stronger economy.
    We are also looking heavily into a ferry system where you can live in Nassau and work in Andros, there will be alot of educational and social development programs as well. For parents who work on this project we have planned to put in place a commute system as to while you are at work your child will get picked up drop off to school pick up from school take to our homework center where they will do their homework under supervision and also they will be taught social development.
    Everything that you can buy out of the food stored will be grown, process and made in Andros from milk to cheese to steaks everything with our labs can meet the standards to trade globally.
    Contact me tomorrow early for an interview at 2:00 pm or email me your respond
    You can contact me at 3957224 or our office at Sandy Port
    Planet Vision Holdings

    Valdez Campbell

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